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  • 上海manbetx网页版手机登录manbetx官网电脑下载 Shanghai Museum of Glass


    The limitless glamour
    of glass unveils
    beyond your imagination.


    Since its launch in 2011, the Shanghai Museum of Glass (SHMOG) has been offering an engaging visiting experience with exquisitely avant-garde exhibitions and space design, beautiful glass exhibits, and attractive and interactive projects. With the forward-looking concept of “creating and sharing a new lifestyle about the aesthetics of museums”, SHMOG has created the brand-new and multi-functional SHMOG Park to lead the public to experience, imagine, create and share the limitless possibilities of glass with this unique approach. As a new cultural landmark, the Park is home to both outstanding exhibitions on art and design, and diverse entertainment activities in this open space, which present the public with the most lively art and exciting lifestyle.



    Unit one: What is Glass ?

    With its entirely new interactive concept, the Museum displays the entire process of glassmaking from start to finish and the many characteristics inherent to glass. Interactive video exhibits on large screen LCDs tell the story of how sand is mysteriously changed into glass in an amusing way.


    非凡的空间讲述了中西方manbetx网页版手机登录的历史,呈现了众多历史长河中遗留的璀璨manbetx网页版手机登录。地下展柜黄色的灯带点亮“丝绸之路”,拉近东西方manbetx网页版手机登录悠远的历史魅力,参观者可以从中找寻那些丝绸之路所途径的城市印迹, 落地的LED走线灯将近代的上海manbetx网页版手机登录工业发展进程深刻地展示在人们面前。

    Unit two: Development of the Glass Technology and Craft

    This extraordinary space tells the history of Chinese and Western glass, illustrating the brilliance that glass has left for mankind throughout history. Yellow lights installed below the exhibit cases light up the “silk road,” which brought the traditions and histories of Eastern and Western glassmaking closer together. Through the exhibit, visitors can search along the silk road for the remains of cities. Meanwhile another LED lighted path displays the history of the near modern glassmaking industry in Shanghai.


    一副由著名的瑞士插画工作室Jacques & Brigitte所创作的巨大城市绘画墙,伴随醒目的问号,引导参观者到那些隐藏的暗门后探索真正的答案。

    Unit three: From Daily Lives to the Forefront of Science and Technology

    A huge urban painting wall created by Jacques& Brigitte – a famous Switzerland – based illustration studio – together with such unbelievable and fantastic questions, guide visitors to explore and discover yhe true answers hidden behind the blank door.



    Unit four: Proof of Artistic Creativity

    This unit exhibits the works of several well known Chinese and International glass artists. It shows the unlimited possibilities and vibrancy that glass brings to art, perfectly integrating glassmaking technology and art for the enjoyment of visitors.

    设计新馆 Design Wing


    Experience the fluidity of design ideas in this well-lit museum.

    2011简约明净的设计新馆通过 “虹之桥”与主馆相连,这里汇聚了国内外众多顶尖设计师的经典之作。跨越语言、风格和文化界限的精彩作品,将以别具温度的器物之美,向观众呈现manbetx网页版手机登录设计最具创意和玩味的一面。作为一个引领潮流的创意启发之地,在设计新馆,观众可以在闲庭信步之中,探得现代工艺与求索之思结合之下的非凡惊喜。

    The clear, minimalist design of the Design Wing, connected to the Main Hall through the “Rainbow Bridge”, brings together classic works of top designers from home and abroad. These brilliant works that transcend language, style, and culture will present the most creative and interesting aspects of glass design to visitors with the unique beauty of the glassware. Strolling through this creative, trend-setting space, you will find yourself surprised by the scrupulous modern craftsmanship.

    儿童manbetx网页版手机登录manbetx官网电脑下载 Kids Museum of Glass


    A joyful castle for kids,
    the coolest place to interact and learn.


    Kids Museum of Glass is the first glass-themed, family-oriented cultural destination for children in Shanghai and the whole country. It is dedicated to providing children 4-10 years old with a fun, interactive space for knowledge, culture and art. Combining creative ideas, fun designs, and the concept of learning through play, the Children’s Museum of Glass is a world full of imagination. Here, your children will experience a wonderful world of their own. Apart from gaining happiness, they are also inspired to cultivate a character cherishing independence, discovery and creativity.