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    塞上 Frontier



    展览地点:上海manbetx网页版手机登录manbetx官网电脑下载 当代艺术空间

    CuratorLise Li

    Duration: November 5, 2018 – May 31, 2019

    Venue: Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai Museum of Glass



    展览下集预计明年3月展出,下集中将会展出一组manbetx网页版手机登录材质为主的装置作品。这些作品的灵感来源于唐朝诗人王维名作“使至塞上“, 这是早期世界观的模型。而孙逊以此模型为基础讨论时空的属性,由此产生出心理与空间的另外一种距离,这其中包涵了想象与意象的营造,种种这些尝试未来都会与他的电影有非常具体的关联。由物理性的现实进入一个虚拟的空间,不同世界之间的空间中生出未知之境,成为诸种可能的始源。

    Sun Xun’s project at the Shanghai Museum of Glass will be presented in two parts. The first part will be unveiled in November, which will comprise of the modes of artistic expression we accord with Sun Xun: animation film and drawings. From there, with greater audacity to experiment and expand, Sun Xun will complete a featured film for the second part of this project, an artistic mode he had been adopting into his practice, which is grounded on the basis of his art practice.

    Planned for completion in March next year, for the second part of this project, the artist will use glass as his primary material, to feature an installation inspired by the Tang poet Wang Wei’s “On a Mission Towards the Frontier”. A model that reveals an early vision of the world, based on which, Sun Xun addresses the attributes of temporality, where an alternative distance is created between the psychological and spatial, including the rendering of imagination and vision. These various attempts will ultimately be integrated into his feature films, that adopt physical realities into the virtual dimension. These fields of unknown borne out of the different worlds will become the origin of possibilities.

    关于艺术家 ABOUT ARTIST




    作为一位年轻艺术家,短短数年,孙逊在影像艺术领域的成果令人瞩目。2010年,孙逊陆续获得中国当代艺术奖“最佳年轻艺术家奖”;台湾当代艺术连线新潮赏奖和意大利CIVITELLA RANIERI 基金2011/2012年度奖学金。2012年,木刻动画短片《一场革命中还未来得及定义的行为》(2012)入围第六十二届柏林电影节短片竞赛单元。这是其作品《21克》(2010)入围2010威尼斯电影节地平线单元,成为第一部入围威尼斯电影节的中国动画影片之后,两年内作品再次入围国际三大A类电影节。

    Born in 1980 in Fuxin in Liaoning province, China. He currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated in 2005 from the Print-making Department of the China Academy of Art. In 2006 he established π Animation Studio.

    The works of Sun Xun are mainly drawing and/or short animation. Sun Xun also exhibits his individual cell drawings and other mixed media works, often times alongside his films. His series of small mixed media works, entitled “Shock of Time” (2006), challenged notions of time, history and narration and utilized media such as newspapers, books and other documentary material that served to highlight certain passages of history. 21 KE (2010) was produced 3 years after its commencement and mainly completed by use of pastel and fusain on canvas. It constructs an impressive world full of wonders all in black and white. “Some Actions Which Haven’t Been Defined yet in the Revolution” (2011) is made by woodblock printing – a technique that was an important tool during the Cultural Revolution. This printing technique was used as an primary means of communication to quickly convey information to the masses. Clown’s Revolution (2010), Beyond-ism (2010) and other such new works exhibit Sun Xun’s recent attempt and breakthrough in the use of Chinese ink painting in his work. Although it is difficult, there is no doubt that the works are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary art.

    Reality and fantasy, time and history, both are continuously seen in Sun Xun’s work. Works such as “21 KE”, “Magician’s Lie” and “Requiem” feature a key protagonist; a magician dressed in a black suit and a high top hat. The magician has been in search of another world, probably a utopia. Over the course of this character’s expedition, the sequences are dreamlike and apocalyptic. Sun’s works explore themes of societal development and revolution, referencing such theorists as Marx, Adorno, and Horkheimer.

    As a young artist, Sun Xun made an impressive impact, especially during recent years. He has received several notable awards including the “Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA Best Young Artist)” and “Taiwan Contemporary Art Link Young Art Award” in 2010, and the Civitella Ranieri Visual Arts Fellowship 2011/2012.